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Hello, Nevada County!

Radius Physical + Sports Rehab is a brand new clinic tucked into the Sierra Nevada Foothills. We look forward to meeting you!

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"I had tried 3 different specialists spanning 17 visits. I had hip pain for well over a year, and knee pain that had been constant for 3 weeks. These two conditions put a big cramp on simply walking, any strenuous exercise, sitting while driving, and even turning over or getting out of bed. I'm someone who loves to be active, so was willing to continue to seek a solution. With just one session Dr. Dickerson completely eliminated the knee pain. I am amazed by how quickly he addressed the core issue and how great I'm feeling. After only four sessions I am completely pain free (both knee and hip) and happily back to working out." - Sue W.

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" I began working with Dr. Dickerson in early December with the hopes of solving a hip issue prior to competing in a CrossFit competition in late January. Shortly after scheduling a months worth of appointments my work required me to miss several appointments in a row. Alyson was very understanding and accommodating throughout the process and helped me through rescheduling everything. I did complete my rehabilitation program in time to compete and my hip was much improved after working with the Radius team. I've had a great experience working with Alyson, Dominic, and Dr. Dickerson and would recommend Radius without reservation" (photo credit: davidkaferphotography) - Kevin M. 

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"I struggle with neck pain because I'm in my car all day and after only a few visits I started feeling way better! I really appreciate the time he takes with his patients as I haven't always gotten that from doctors in the past."  - Margaret P.

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"I've regained about 95% of my shoulder's mobility & strength, which is amazing given that I procrastinated so long before treating it."  - Miles R. 

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"Another example, one of my best buds blew an achilles in his early 40's. The surgeon who repaired the achilles was affiliated with a college soccer team and often performed the procedure on much younger athletes. With Dr. Dickerson leading the charge, my buddy was fully cleared by an astounded (due to age) surgeon in record time - he was back in action - at 100% - faster than anyone the surgeon had ever operated on. If you live within driving distance of Grass Valley, you are very fortunate." - Baylor G.


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