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Upcoming Workshops + Events

Educating and supporting the community is a way of life at Radius. Where there's knowledge, there's power. Our educational and interactive workshops aim to empower employees/gym members/your people by arming them with tools to combat common aches and pains and prevent them from ever having to set foot in our clinic! 


We post all of our upcoming, open to the public, events on our Facebook page here:


Workplace Wellness

For desk jockeys and industrial athletes alike, a day's work should be painless (at least physically!). We cater our workshops to fit your population's work style in order to address common conditions and prevention strategies. All workshops led by a Certified Radius Physician.

Nevada County Workplace Wellness

We teamed up with the County of Nevada to host a Pain Prevention Lunch and Learn, pictured here.

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Athletic Communities

Calling all Yoga, Football, Spin, CrossFit, Martial Arts, Aerial, Dance, HIIT, ______you name it!_____ studios and teams! Let our doctors help keep your members and players coming back. Through our workshops, our athletic partners report reduction in member cancellation rates due to injury, and increased member athletic gains. 

CrossFit Mobility Therapy

We teamed up with a local CrossFit gym to provide a Mobility Seminar for CrossFitters, pictured here.

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Something Different

Not seeing what you're looking for yet? Let us in on your idea, and we'll do our best to make it a reality.